Mommy and Me

August 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today!" - Barbara Johnson

I have been planning this session with my girls for nearly two years.  I was looking for the perfect dresses, the perfect location and trying to find the time.  I have been so busy capturing memories for everyone else, that my own have been put to the side.  This year, we have implemented a lot of changes from pricing to software, staff and so much more, to allow me some time with my family.  Our baby is almost two and I feel like I have missed so much of her life already.  It's really important for me to find that balance and start to be in their lives more!  Balancing six children, a thriving business, and maintaining and developing a relationship with my husband is difficult... some days I fail miserably... some days I am tired... some days are absolutely amazing!  I want to create more amazing days and more memories with my babies!  This session is the second session in a series of capturing and creating my own memories!  I just had to share this session!  Nina (who is now a full time member of our staff) did such an amazing job capturing this session for me!  We worked together planning and posing, she shot these amazing images and I edited them!  They were truly a work of art even before processing them!  My girls did such a fantastic job that night too!   The boys are next... I wonder how they will be!!  


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