Tuesday Tips - FAQ's regarding sessions and what to expect after!

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I figured a blog post was in order to address some of the questions I am asked frequently!


First up, what to expect when setting up an appt!

There are 3 things we ask to be completed - a questionnaire we send you to get a better understanding of what your expectations are for your session, this will also give you a spot for requested times!  We do require a $50 non refundable reservation fee to paid upon scheduling most of our sessions.  If in the instance of bad weather, we will do our best to reschedule your session!  We also will send you a calendar request to accept in order for your appointment to be in our system!  If you do not receive any of those items, please contact us immediately in regards to your session!

1. Enter into our client database

2. Answer questionnaire sent to you

3. Make reservation fee and accept request


We are able to scheduled MONTHS in advance, and we do highly suggest scheduling as soon as you can due to the recent boom in business we have experienced, and are LOVING!  Our clients rock and we aim to please!


When is payment due?

Payments are due prior to your session, everyone receives an invoice that can safely and securely be paid online!  We prefer not to have our photographers outdoors with cash if they don't have to be!


After your session and what to expect!

Your gallery with all images that are taken will be sent approximately 3 business days from your session.  Some days, they are even sent the same day! Starting in October, you will receive a card at each session with your individual gallery information!

 If you do not receive your gallery by the evening of the 3rd day, please send Jamie an email to inquire!  Sometimes they fall into spam or junk files, so be sure to check there as well! 


How do I select my favorites?


Check out this video which provides the steps to successfully share your favorites with us!  We also included step by step directions on how to share your favorites with us via a MOBILE device!




It is very important that when selecting your images from your mobile device that you are still using a "desktop version" at the bottom of the application on your mobile device you will see where you may select desktop version.  You will be prompted to create an account or log in to an existing account.  Always be sure to "create a new set of favorites", if you are previous client and choose "add to existing" those selections will go into an old album that has been archived by our system and we do not receive notification that you have selected favorites.  When you have shared your images successfully, you will receive an email from us thanking you for sharing!


Mobile selection directions:


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