The Goods and Bads of Pinterest

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Ahhhhhh, Pinterest.  The wonderful world of endless ideas for everything from hair color ideas to DIY crafts.  Another thing Pinterest is great for, is giving ideas for photo sessions of all types!  In this blog post, we'll break down the down the goods and the bads to consider when looking up your ideas!

The amazing thing with Pinterest, is that if you cannot explain what idea you are envisioning, you can always pin it! 

The Goods:

  • Posing Ideas- So, you have an idea of what you want your photo to look like, you just don't know how to position yourself!  These are perfect for us!  We can position you, and can make it look the way you want!  The beautiful thing too, is that sometimes, it can roll right into another pose that you didn't even consider! When working with more than 4 people, posing does seem a little intimidating, but flipping through posing ideas for family of 5; it doesn't seem so bad!
  • Scenery Ideas- Sometimes without even realizing it, your pins can actually lead to how your location could be picked.  Sometimes when we go through your Pinterest pages, we like to get a feel for the type/style you're looking for, which can also lead us to suggest a better location more fitting for what you're looking for! 
  • Options, options, & more options!- Not only does Pinterest work for looking for the type of session you want, but it also can provide a lot of useful and wonderful information on many things such as how you should coordinate colors/patterns for your session.  Can suggest prop ideas, or how to execute the way you want your session to look and feel.
  • For the Getting Married folks- Pinterest is a god send for Bride's to be.  If you want to execute this adorable Save-The-Date photo shoot, there is a Pin for that.  If you and your other half are not the photo and lovey dovey type, there are pins for you as well to help you get more comfortable and still look adorable. It is also great to get ideas for wedding party photos!  Things that you never would have thought to try for a photograph literally at your fingertips.

The Bad's

  • It can be a tad overwhelming- Looking through hundreds of ideas of what exactly you're looking for may even cause more stress than intended.  You have to keep it to a minimum or else you will have a million and one ideas on how you would want 4 different sessions to look, which can be very difficult for your photographer.  Remember, if you are providing examples, we try to get as many of those examples as possible; but if we are working with a dozen different things, it may be a little bit more difficult.
  • Not everything can be done- Not all Pinterest ideas are good ideas.  They may look amazing, and worth a shot, but please remember some of those Pins are styled shoots, not all of them are regular people taking a simple photograph.  Some of them are hired people to capture ideas.  Think of it this way. . . how many times do you find a recipe on Pinterest and think, "This doesn't seem to difficult," and then you actually do it, and it either looks nothing like you wanted, or it doesn't work at all.  Some photo ideas work the same exact way.  We can do our best to get something as close as possible to your idea, but again, remember that recipe you tried.
  • Editing will be different- To add to the 'Not everything can be done' point, editing may also be different.  Keep in mind that some photos posted to Pinterest are shot differently, executed differently, and will be edited differently.  
  • Not all poses will work- A lot of poses look adorable for kids to try, but keep in mind the personality of your child.  Not all poses will work for your child(ren).  Most of the time candid ideas are a lot easier and better when getting photos of your kids.  Because not only does it show the personality, but its a lot easier than having them sit in a complicated pose that they do not want to sit in.  That's not saying that you can't have the idea, we will still try it, but please remember who they are and how they would act.  


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