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The More the Merrier- Large Family Session Tips!

November 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

With the holiday season coming sooner rather than later.  You decide that family photos would be the perfect gift! So you have this brilliant idea that you should get photos of not just you and your family of, lets say 4, but your family of 4, your sister or brother's family of 3, and your other brother or sister and their family of 4... Sounds like a smooth sailing trip right?!  Not entirely!  But we are here to provide you with some tips to make your session go according to plan!!!

  • Remember the age of the kids!- The little ones are the determining factors on how your session can go.  Think of it this way, if most of them are under the age of 8, and they're around other little ones, they are going to running all over the place trying to play! Try and be patient.  This could provide really great candid shots for you as well, so if they are being themselves and smiling and laughing, don't worry!  If they are younger, make sure that they get their nap, have something to keep them not full but not hungry, and bring anything from blankets to toys that can keep them happy!
  • Coordinate colors!- Make sure everyone matches colors.  Not like one family is wearing hot pink and the next is wearing neutral colors.  There are lots of color coordinating boards on pinterest that suggest what to wear!  Check out another blog here where we broke down what to wear: http://www.lovingmemoriespa.com/blog/2017/9/tuesday-tips---fall-fashion-fun---what-to-wear
  • Type of session!-  Make sure you are booking the right type of session.  Be very clear with what exactly you want pictures of so you are scheduled for the appropriate time session.  If you have more than 6 people and want lots of photos of your family and your siblings family and then group photos, a mini session is not meant for you.  Booking as such can cause more stress than anything, and it doesn't give the photographer enough time to get everything.
  • Location, location, location!- Think of the setting you're looking for, but think of the setting with more than just your little family.  You want the perfect spot to fit everyone you have but yet a spot that you have options for different backgrounds for different shots!
  • Make sure everyone is on time!- These sessions might seem like there is enough time to get everything, but if there are some stragglers it's cutting the main purpose of the session short.  This also ties into location.  Try and pick something that is easy to get to and find for everyone.  That way everyone knows where to promptly be! This is easier for the photographer as well, because if it's an easy familiar area, you won't have people roaming around trying to find everyone!  If we are providing the location, most places we have addresses and maps for, if it is not sent, please ask us for it!
  • **Newborns**- if you are planning a family session and a newborn is involved, please make sure to bring everything the baby would need to stay warm, happy, and comfy!  If you're trying to plan photos in the fall for Christmas photos please consider  getting photos done inside at the studio, just in case! Weather is the worst coworker and isn't always going to be what you would think.  Also, please make sure to let us know that you have a newborn involved in the session so we can be prepared!

So, just make sure you remember these tips for your session!  We want to make sure we get everything you're looking for and not saying "I wish we would have done this." We want you to have the best experience with this type of session so that when you go to do one again, it's not something your dreading, but looking forward to! 


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