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Emily's Journey

March 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Little Miss Emily is part of our Memories Matter Initiative!  We donate our time to capture memories for Emily and her family absolutely free of charge while they go through the very difficult journey of having a child with cancer.  We do not often publicize our volunteer work but with Emily's family's permission, we wanted to share her story with you!  Even if you can only offer virtual hugs and support, the family needs our support at this time!  


Meet Emily!!!! 

Emily is three years old, and loves to swim, dance, and go to the park!  She LOVES to wrestle and play with her older brothers!  Some of her favorite things are her dogs, horses and mermaids!  She's a sweet, sometimes sassy, energetic (on good days) toddler full of attitude and spunk!  She never sits still for pictures but loves to take the entire lollipop dish home with her when she's done!  

Emily's Story!

Shortly after moving to our area, on November 21, 2014, at just sixteen months old, Emily was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She had brain surgery to do a biopsy and the results were not good.  The pathology report said that the tumor was anaplastic astrocytoma brain stem giloma.  It was a high grade tumor.  

I met Emily just before her biopsy, and have followed her journey ever since.  She had a full year of chemo therapy, countless hospital stays, and blood transfusions.  Ultimately, the doctors stopped her chemo because she became allergic to it.  Her counts were not getting better and the doctors felt at the time that the chemo would kill Emily before the cancer did.  Emily was still very closely monitored and had MRI's every two months.  She seemed to be OK for a little while, until recently when a few symptoms started to present themselves again.  At a recent MRI, it was found that the tumor is growing again, and she will once again need treatment.  This treatment will need to be more aggressive.  The family is looking into trials and other treatments as well, hoping to save their little girl.  

 Emily is the little sister to Christopher (9) and Connor (5) The daughter of Phillip Shacreaw and Victoria Shacreaw She also has two German Shepherds, Saber and Kaiser. 

Emily is such a sweet little girl and her family is truly in need of all of the support, prayers and donations that we can provide!  To follow Emily's journey and/or donate to help, please follow them on facebook!  Victoria posts as often as possible with updates on Emily and her condition!  https://www.facebook.com/brainstemgliomaemily/

I remember this spring flower shoot so well!  Victoria and I had to coordinate pretty heavily to make sure that Emily was feeling energetic enough to do this one!  We captured this on one of the days she received her chemo so that she wasn't feeling the effects that she typically did within the next two or three days!  She literally stopped in on the way back from Hershey so that we could do this.  With this type of cancer, there really are so many unknowns and capturing as many memories with her is super important! I can't imagine watching any of my children go through this.  Emily's family has rallied around her through this, and I am hoping our community will do the same!  


To learn more about our Memories Matter Initiative, please e-mail Krista at KristaL@LovingMemoriesPA.com



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