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Tuesday Tips - Preparing for Summer Outdoor Sessions

July 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Mother nature has finally allowed summer to begin!  We are getting outside more often and finding ourselves in the water a lot!  We thought it was time to share a few tips and things to remember when planning and preparing for your outdoor summer sessions!  


1.  Clothing - wear light and comfortable clothing!  Bright blues, pinks, and yellows look amazing against the summer greens. 

If you need help coordinating we have a board on Pinterest to give you a few ideas!  Check it out here: https://www.pinterest.com/lovingmemories1/clothing-ideas-for-portraits/

One last tip to remember is not to have everyone in different patterns!  Too many patterns can make your family pictures seem too busy!  Some people in solids and others in coordinating patterns make your images more cohesive! 

2.  Bugs - The ticks are really bad this year!  Everyone has different opinions on bug spray and applying chemicals to skin.  I personally double up!  I spray an essential oil blend that I picked up from Leg Up Farmers Market on my skin and put a bug spray with deet on my clothing and shoes!  We of course recommend doing a thorough check for ticks!

3. Timing - Summer sun can be unforgiving!  It can be really hot and bright.  My favorite time of day to shoot is golden hour (that hour right before sunset)!  We try to stay away from shooting at noon because the sun is directly overhead and often really hard to get away from!  The timing will also change based on the locations that you select!  Some are great from sunrise to noon, and others the opposite, from late evening until sunset!  Talk to us about the type of location and style of images that you would like, and we can provide you with suggestions that work best for you!  

4.  Snacks - children respond well to treats and snacks during their shoot, but please remember that they shouldn't be the kind that melt!  M&M's and chocolate bars are not the greatest idea in ninety degree weather!  Goldfish, crackers, granola, pretzels and other items like these typically last a little longer than candy.  

5.  Water - If we are heading to the water for your session remember a towel, a change of clothing, and extra shoes! Remember swim diapers for little ones so their diapers do not explode! 

6.  Makeup - If you are wearing makeup this time of year, remember a foundation primer and finishing spray!  These will keep you looking fresh and help keep your makeup on your face.  Blotting papers are also a great idea to maintain a fresh matte look. Don't have blotting papers, here's a little hack, COFFEE FILTERS cut up work just as well!

7.  Locations - When planning your shoot, timing and locations are critical!  We are diligently working on a location album that will help you pick your perfect picture location!  Check it out here:  http://www.lovingmemoriespa.com/locationlist

If you have suggestions or would like to see us add your favorite location, please do not hesitate to contact Jamie at info@lovingmemoriesPA.com to talk to her about it!  

8.  Bubbles, Balls, and Balloons - These items make fantastic props!  Remember that balloons will only last an hour or so in the heat so pick them up on your way if you would like them to be part of your shoot!  Please just be cautious and make sure to pick up any litter so that we do not harm the wildlife!  

9.  Shoes - Some of our locations are a short walk from the parking areas!  Remember to bring proper walking shoes and change into high heels when we get to the location for pictures!  Some of the terrain we walk on is not flat and often full of rocks!  




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