Tuesday Tips - Fall Fashion Fun - What to wear?

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You contacted us, your session is booked, easy part is over with!!


What to wear?  Sometimes getting together an entire wardrobe for a session can be complete chaos!

One of the questions I am asked so many times is "what should we wear, what do you recommend we wear?"

So, here comes Tuesday tips with some helpful hints, guides, pictures and a link to our Pinterest page with some of the pins I have searched for!

This time of year jewel tones are all the rage, rich tones such as cranberries, emeralds, deep navy, mustard and creams are almost always found styled on families!  Add a little layering, some patterns, a scarf or accessories and you are well on your way to a fantastic, coordinated family shoot!

I always suggest mama always going first with her outfit, find something that you are comfortable in, something that makes you feel beautiful, it could be a pair of your favorite jeans (dark denim is most flattering) or colored pants, a long sleeve top or collared shirt (again very flattering) layered with a blazer , scarf or vest!  Throw on a dress with a statement necklace to add some sparkle or scarf to add in some of that layering I discussed!  

Add a cute pair of booties, heels or ballet flats to it and you are complete!  

Next, grab the kiddos!  Find items in their closets that coordinate with what you have found from yours.  You want to coordinate a mix of solids and patterns between everyone.  Choose 1 or 2 patterns that mix well together and the rest should be solids!  Boys look great in sweaters, flannels with a vest in a solid print or vice versa!  If you chose to wear jeans, put a boy in a denim shirt and chinos with a sweater or vest over top!

Girls can also mimic mama with a dress and scarf or jewelry, add some cute ballet flats or boots!  I always like to add cute boot socks for my little girls, especially if they are wearing a dress with boots, it adds a little more detail to the outfits!

Laslty get that husband in order!  His look can be simple - jeans, shirt and boots or dressier shoes!  His gym sneakers aren't going to compliment the look you are attempting to achieve!  Dark jeans or dress pants, a sweater, collared shirt paired with a sweater vest or vest of his choice (we want him to be comfortable too) Some may like a blazer over a sweater which is a wonderful layering idea!  I find that a sweater with a 1/4 zip up under a blazer looks great!

Your hard work is done, get the outfits hung and ready for your session, press anything that may need it!  Getting ready for a session is enough stress, so proper preparation is always one of the keys to a successful shoot!  

Remember to pull any loose hair up out of faces, it's always nice to have a brush or comb on hand to tackle and last minute hair that may have come loose!  Headbands are great to keep little ones hair in place, a simple bobby pink to the side, a cute bun or side pony are also great options!

We pulled some images from past family sessions that really looked great, especially in the fall!  


Here is a link to our Pinterest board to access great color combos, samples of outfit and much more!


I hope you enjoyed today's blog and I didn't ramble too much!  I am well on my way to styling my family for our fall session in just two short weeks and I cannot wait to share our images with you!





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