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January 14, 2020  •  1 Comment

We are bringing back our Tuesday Tips blog!  Every Tuesday we will be featuring tips for clients and photographers!  We have received a ton of questions regarding our newborn sessions, so we thought this was the perfect way to start our blog series off! 

We offer quite a few options for newborn sessions!  We thought it would be helpful to explain the differences in the sessions, and what we include/exclude in each session.  

In Studio Styled Newborn 
Our most popular session is our in studio styled newborn session.  This session lasts about two hours and includes twenty edited digital images.  We always allow parents and siblings in our sessions at no extra charge. This session is best competed when the baby is between seven and nine days. For this specific session, we like to start with the baby wrapped in a swaddle that we provide that coordinates with family and siblings.  Upon completing age appropriate sibling photos and entire family photos in our main studio, we move back to our newborn suite where we keep it extra warm and filled with white noise to complete the individual pictures of the baby.  We pose the baby on a backdrop wrapped and move to gently unwrapped, draped, and bare bottomed pictures.  Upon completion of our standard poses, we move to prop photos.  Our props can include wreaths, baskets, bowels, buckets, crates, beds and more!  Our newborn suite is packed full of safe props, accessories, wraps, outfits and so much more!  We even have snacks, drinks, coloring books, blocks, free wifi, and cable TV for big siblings and parents to use while we work with the baby.  

Just Wrapped
Our just wrapped sessions are basically a newborn mini session.  These sessions last about 45-60 minutes. They can include siblings and parents, but the baby will be swaddled the entire session.  We begin the session by wrapping the baby in two swaddles and keep the baby wrapped throughout 3-4 prop set ups.  If the baby is doing well, and we are within the time frame allotted, we will attempt to do some slightly unwrapped and draped poses.  The baby will remain diapered the entire time and there will be no bare butt poses.  We cannot even guarantee the slightly unwrapped poses.  We find that this session works best when the baby is between seven and nine days, but will also work well for older babies, up to the age of one month.  

Outdoor Newborns
Our outdoor newborn sessions became extremely popular last summer.  We need to weather to be between 78-90 degrees and not raining for these to be successful.  This session works best when the baby is between seven and nine days.   We work closely with our families to strategically plan out our outdoor newborn sessions.  We often bring several wraps, props and accessories outside to a predetermined location.  We welcome parents and siblings to join in this session but request to be advised of the siblings age before our session so we can plan safe poses outside.  

Fresh 48
Fresh 48 sessions really are just that... they are done when the baby is about 48 hours old, and still in the hospital.  These are absolutely perfect sessions to capture big siblings meeting their new baby for the first time.  Some hospitals allow these sessions, but some do not.  You may want to check with your provider first.  We always recommend attempting to keep all of your belongings on one side of the room and attempting to clear a spot for this type of session.  Natural light helps make these types of session a little softer and not so medically oriented as well. 

In Home Life Style
Life style sessions are the perfect way to showcase your new baby's nursery, the details of your home, and the interaction that you have in your home on a daily basis.  These sessions occur in your home, utilizing natural light and all of the items in your home from your bedroom, to your living room and your baby's nursery.  These are best done in a home with a lot of natural light and are strategically planned around the time of day that provides the best light in your home.  We do not bring props, backdrops, swaddles or any accessories to this session.  It's truly just to capture what you have in your home.  We do not do bare bottomed pictures or posed pictures during this session.  

In Home Styled Newborns
We occasionally have the need to do an in home styled session.  We pack up our posing table, backdrop stand, props, backdrops, accessories and sometimes our light to do in home styled sessions.  Our light is about 86" in diameter so if your home does not have a large window or sliding door, we would need the room for our light and modifier.  We do one of these sessions per day as this is extremely labor intensive.  From packing, loading, setup, shooting time, tear down, sterilization, cleaning, laundry and replacement of all of our items, this consumes a significant part of our day.  We require you to keep the heat in your home about eighty degrees and I will bring an additional heater to keep baby comfortable during bare bottomed pictures.  We would need to have a consultation before the session to make sure that we have the appropriate colors and styles of props, accessories, etc.  


I liked the concept of just wrapped where siblings and mom and dad too can you quote me the rates for just wrapped photo shoot please.
Also how much you charge for maternity photo shoot can you quote me the pricing and details of that too I'm interested in doing one outdoor maternity shoot with me and my 3 year old.
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