Expectations vs Reality

October 14, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It's time to book your photography session.

You peruse Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find the perfect

theme, set, poses, even look for eye catching outfits. 

You have everything envisioned in your mind.

Your 6 month old will smile.

Your toddler will listen.

Your husband will listen.


Then reality sets in.

Your husband is grumpy because he hates wearing that sweater and smiling,

Your toddler cries and runs around, like a hangry teen that just had their phone taken away.

Your baby doesn't smile because baby is out of their comfort zone.


Memories are not necessarily Hallmark Holiday cards.

Memories are not necessarily all smiles and laughs. 

Sometimes memories are messy, with tears.

Sometimes clothing isn't perfect.

But sometimes, those memories are even more priceless than the smiles.


We can never guarantee Pinterest perfect.

Pinterest perfect usually requires one, two, or even three head swaps, and a great deal of work on the back end with our editing team.

Sometimes babies will not smile.

Sometimes husbands won't either.

Sometimes toddlers will cry.


Walking into your session with a Pinterest perfect expectation will leave you disappointed every time.

Come in with a plan.

Allow us to capture the most important photo first.

Toddlers last typically 20 minutes, maybe a little longer if snacks are involved.

Husbands often last less than toddlers. Taking photos is not their thing. They tag along to humor us. "Happy wife, happy life"

Bring dry diapers. A wet diaper never makes for a happy baby.

Arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your session time.

Sitting in the car for 20+ minutes will add aggravation and stress to both children and husbands, which trickles over to the session.

If nana or grandpa make the children smile, bring them along. An extra set of hands to help with the children is always a benefit.

Please fill out your questionnaires openly and honestly, so that we know exactly what you are looking for and wishing to achieve during the session.

If the session isn't going the way you anticipated, please speak up during your session so that we can change gears to best capture the loving memories you wish to have.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out prior to your session. 



Take a look at some of the messy, non perfect memories, that turned out to be priceless.






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