Tuesday Tips: Planning Your Session

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Tuesday Tips: Your guide to planning your session!


Congratulations! You've got your session with Loving Memories booked.

Our sessions all for your taste, creativity, and personality.

We offer a wide range of add ons to help custom tailor your session to you. 


Frequently Asked Questions... Answered!

1. What add ons can be added to my session?

We work with many salons in our area and can get you scheduled for hair and make up as a special add on to your session. If this is something that you would like to add, please mention it at the time of booking.


Other specialty add ons include, but are not limited too, balloon garlands, fresh flowers, milk baths, fresh fruit or flower baths, specialty themes, and specialty locations.

We work with several local vendors and venues.

2. When do I book?

It's best to book when you have a good date and time in mind. Weekend dates tend to book the fastest.

3. Your personal look!

If you hands are going to be a key subject in photos, such as for engagement photos, clean, fresh polish or well groomed hands would be a recommendation.

Hair is another key factor. Be sure to wear your hair how you want it to appear in photos, such as straight, curls, or an updo. This goes for all loved ones that will be included in the photos.  


4. Clothing Selections

Coordinating outfits with your significant other and family that will be in the photos with you is key. Not all prints and colors photograph well when paired with other prints or colors. Another key is coordinating to your location and theme. Are you having an in studio session or are you wanting an outdoor session? Is there a special theme to your session? What do you want to the photos to say about you?

We can help with this if you have any questions on what may or may not work.


5. Plan your session

Planning your session takes some time. Pinterest is a great resource for fun and creative ideas. Looking back at some of our past blogs, Facebook, and Instagram posts are other great resources to gather ideas!

Planning your session includes your outfits, along with any props, theme, and location. 

Please be sure to bring any props, not provided by the studio, with you at the time of your session. It is helpful for your photographer to have a possible list of props you may be bringing along prior to your session. 


6. Ask Questions

We are here to help. If you have any questions or special concerns, please reach out to us prior to your session. 

Your session, no matter the theme, location, or style, are about you.

We want you to be happy with your final product, your gallery.



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