Personal Note from our owner & President

February 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

A personal note from our President


Hey there!! It's me... Krista... wife, mom of many, friend, daughter, sister, business owner!!!  I have been here capturing memories for over ten years now, and rarely get super personal! Starting this business was totally by accident.... and growing it even more by accident. Through the years you have all become like an extended part of my family and I have loved to watch all of your families grow, but sadly that has meant that I have missed mine grow. This year will be a year of changes for me and for the business. 

2021 is my last year that I will personally be shooting weddings. My team will still be available for weddings in the future, but I will not be doing them. I am taking off every Friday night from August through November to watch my son and his team play football. This will be his senior season, and I am not willing to miss a game. Now that little Charlee girl is in school full time, I am also taking off every Sunday to spend time with my family, along with one to two Saturdays a month. 

My goal moving forward is to create a schedule that allows me time with my family and time to create our own memories. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I am hoping that everyone can understand that my family needs me and I want to see them grow.

If you are hoping to book with me personally, please contact Brit to schedule now at [email protected] My weekend availability is booking up quickly! She's already booking Christmas pictures with me for the 2021 season, along with sessions for 2022. Evening outdoor availability is limited as well! Thank you all for understanding that memories are important and this includes my own.

Please continue to stay safe and healthy!  

I can not personally continue thank each of you enough for all of your continued support!
~Krista Spillman





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