Hello there! I’m Brit, marketing and sales manager at Loving Memories, Spillman Studios, and Blush Boudoir, along with being a mommy to five fantastic and wild kiddos, ranging from 2 to 11. My kids come first, and as sports, scouts, school activities, packed lunches, scraped knees, and piles of laundry encompass our daily routine, our life literally doesn’t have a stop button. Being detail orientated and an excellent multi-tasker, we buckle down and just get things done. I absolutely live and die by school emails and my planner. I’m a balance of crunchy mom and let’s get take out, cloth diapers and screen time. There’s no perfect system, and I’m a no filter, tattoo, high heels, brush your teeth, eat your peas, and drink your milk kind of mom.

I come from a military background. Being a military brat, we moved, a lot… more times than I can count. However, given my experience with numerous bases, states, and people from all backgrounds, I bring new light to the studio. I have 10 siblings, having 5 of mine own, with loads of nieces and nephews, I absolutely love children! My philosophy is that children can never have too much love. I'm here to help ensure that every family that walks through our doors gets everything that they are looking for in the session, and feel like family.

I graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 2011 and have lived in Pennsylvania since 2008. I met Krista when I was pregnant with my third child, back when the studio was still in its infancy, and I have got to watch as a friend and client as this company grew to what it is today. Now, I get to take my life experience, mom life, college degree, and previous camera talent and apply it to help these three sister companies, thrive and excel to new heights. I'm excited to see the future of these companies shine!


Krista has shot nearly all of my life moments since being pregnant with my middle child. As always, my children give us an interesting session. This crazy photo happened by simply allowing my youngest daughter, the tough cookie in the bunch, to direct the session.

From left to right: Brit, Matthew (2), Viktoria (4), William (8), Charlotte (5), Scottie (11)

Taken spring 2019


A woman can never go wrong with a pair of red heels. Now... where's the wine?