Loving Memories Photography & Design, LLC | jamie

Hello!!! I’m Jamie, office manager at Loving Memories. I came to Loving Memories after leaving the sales industry for over 10 years! I am finally able to balance being a stay at home mommy while still being part of the working world. Krista and I have been family friends for over 25 years and I am so ecstatic to watch her business grow!

I am a wife to Matt whom I’ve shared this crazy life with for over 10 years and a doting mommy to two precious little ladies!  My family is my first priority.  I totally am THAT mom- super coordinated outfits and hair bows, cute little lunches with notes, over the top parties, a color coded calendar - all while doing so in a cute pair of heels!  I find my outlet from my craziness in faith and fitness and even joined the PTO this year!  I start my days off super early with morning devotionals and a workout to keep me well balanced and ready to tackle my super full days.

I’m a super witty, hustling multi-tasker!   I’m best functioning behind the scenes of the business and have never held a camera in my hand!  I leave that to the experts as they leave the scheduling, running and many other tasks of the business to me!  I love popping into the studio from time to time and meeting clients who I email with so often.  You will find me working at ALL hours of the day.  No joke, there are emails some days at all hours of the night.  I work best in peace and quiet, sometimes best found at 2 or 3 am!  I can never sit still, it’s just not in me!  I love to style sessions, I’m very detail oriented, often overthinking, and love being handed those opportunities!