Congratulations on your new addition!  This is such an exciting time for you and your family!  Newborn images are one of our specialties at Loving Memories!  Our studio newborns are two to three-hour sessions that capture all the little details of your new baby!  We capture moments with siblings and parents as well as posed images of just the baby.  Our staff is thoroughly trained in newborn safety and posing.  We keep our studio warm and cozy and wash our newborn items between sessions.  Newborns are snuggled in wraps that we provide and gently posed in positions that our staff has learned to do.  We provide backdrops, accessories, and props for use during your session.  We encourage our families to let us know their preferences so that the session is customized to their wants and wishes.  We often begin with wrapped baby poses, and gently move the babies to slightly unwrapped poses, and then to bare bottom poses.  We stop frequently to allow for feeding, changing, and snuggles so that the baby remains calm throughout the session.  Newborn photography is an art of patience and the images that you receive in the end are just that... art!   We include twenty hand retouched digital images with your session, an on-line gallery, and the opportunity to print the images and use them digitally as you wish.  When appropriate, we include black and white versions of your edited images as well.  We also offer additional items such as custom composites, prints, albums and more, but there is no obligation to purchase them through us.  We would love to talk to you more about your newborn! Please e-mail Jamie at [email protected] with any questions or to schedule your session or visit our FAQ's below!  We would love to have the opportunity to capture timeless images of your baby!



Custom digital composite images are whimsical, creative art pieces that incorporate digital backgrounds while allowing our staff to safely pose your newborn in studio.  We can create images that fit your nursery theme, your heritage, or anything else that you would like.  We will need to plan this before or during your session.  This is not something that we can create without prior planning due to posing and lighting.  We often have to purchase the background or photograph and original image.



Q.  How do we book our newborn session?  

A.  We would love to know when you are expecting as early as possible!  We keep track of due dates so that we can estimate the number of sessions to allow for at any given time.  This of course does not mean that we cannot fit last minute requests in.  We often fit newborns in with us on short notice, and will do anything we can  to make sure that you do not miss out on this very special opportunity.  The best way to book your session is to e-mail Jamie when you are in the hospital, letting her know when your baby arrived, when you will be going home, how you delivered, how you are planning on feeding, and any concerns or complications.  Jamie will work with you based on all that information to provide you with the first available appointment that will work for you and your baby.  Please keep in mind that your pediatrician will want to see you in the office about the same time that we will, so be sure not to double book yourself.  


Q.  When is the best time for newborn images?

A.  We find that newborn girls, and boys that are not circumcised are best from 5-9 days old. Newborn boys that are circumcised are best from 7-9 days, allowing for proper healing.  Babies often cluster feed when breast milk first comes in and again between 10-14 days.  These cluster feeding sessions do not allow us enough time to effectively capture your newborn images.  


Q.  What if my baby is older than 14 days? 

A.  We will make every effort to accommodate older newborns up to four weeks of age.  We have successfully completed images of older babies but it does take extra work, and often longer session times.  


Q.  What if my baby had an extended NICU session?

A.  If your little one requires an extended NICU stay, we will gladly photograph your newborn free of charge twice a month during their stay in the NICU at Wellspan, York Hospital.  After your baby is released from the NICU, we will work with you to bring your newborn into our studio during times that work best with the schedule that the NICU created.  We allow extra time for NICU babies for their newborn sessions and have worked with babies born as early as 26 weeks gestation.  


Q.  What if my baby does not cooperate?

A.  We ask that you watch your babies routine for a day and we will bring the baby back in at no charge.  


Q.  Can we bring outfits for our newborn? 

A.  You may absolutely bring outfits for your newborn, but please understand that we do not recommend changing the baby often.  Newborns tend to get over stimulated and cry when undergoing outfit changes.  We can work outfit changes into your newborn session, but would love to talk to you about your wants and wishes before your session so that we can help plan and make it a smooth, easy session for your newborn.  


Q.  Does your fee include any printed images?

A.  The standard $350.00 session fee does not include prints. Your session includes your session fee, digital images, online gallery and print release. 


Q.  Do we have to pay anything beyond the session fee? 

A.  No, you are not obligated to pay anything beyond the session fee.  We encourage you to allow us to order prints for you for the best quality, but you are able to print where ever you would like.  We also offer affordable print packages, canvases, and albums. 


Q.  Can we bring items to our session? 

A.  Yes.  We encourage you to bring anything along that you would like to incorporate into your session! Incorporating items into your session will make it more personal!  We will work with you to plan around any items that you bring.


Q.  Do we have to bring anything?

A.  Other than the baby and a method to feed the baby, we have everything that you will need for your session!  Please feel free to browse our prop galleries to see a portion of our stocked items in our studio!